Awarding XP


All characters who return from an adventure alive receive experience points (XP). XP is gained from two sources: treasure recovered and monsters defeated.

Recovered Treasure

Treasure that PCs bring back from an adventure is the primary means by which they gain XP—usually accounting for ¾ or more of the total XP earned.

Non-magical treasure: Characters gain 1 XP per 1 gold piece (gp) value of the treasure.

Magical treasure: Does not grant XP.

Defeated Monsters

All monsters defeated by the party (i.e. slain, outsmarted, captured, scared away, etc.) grant XP based on how powerful they are. See the table below.

Base XP: The XP value of a monster is determined by its Hit Dice. Monsters whose Hit Dice are notated as a number of dice plus a fixed hit point bonus (e.g. 4+2) are more powerful and are listed separately in the table. For example, a monster with 2 HD is worth 20 XP, but a monster with 2+2 HD is worth 25 XP.

Bonus XP / ability: A monster’s XP value is increased for each special ability it has. Special abilities are indicated by asterisks following the monster’s HD rating.

Higher HD monsters: For each HD above 21, add 250 XP to the Base and Bonus amounts.

Extraordinary peril bonus: A monster defeated under especially dangerous circumstances may be treated as one Hit Dice category higher on the table.

XP Awards for Defeated Monsters

Monster HD Base XP Bonus XP / Ability
Less than 1 5 1
1 10 3
1+ 15 4
2 20 5
2+ 25 10
3 35 15
3+ 50 25
4 75 50
4+ 125 75
5 175 125
5+ 225 175
6 275 225
6+ 350 300
7–7+ 450 400
8–8+ 650 550
9–10+ 900 700
11–12+ 1,100 800
13–16+ 1,350 950
17–20+ 2,000 1,150
21–21+ 2,500 2,000

Division of Experience

The XP awards for treasures recovered and monsters defeated are totalled and divided evenly between all characters who survived the adventure—this includes retainers (see Retainers).

Awarded XP is always divided evenly, irrespective of how the players decide to divide the treasure.

Bonuses and Penalties​

The referee may optionally grant XP bonuses to players who did particularly well. Likewise, players who did not do their share of the work may be penalized.