Bat, Normal


Nocturnal, flying mammals that roost in caves or ruins.

Armour Class 6 [13]
Hit Dice 1hp
Attacks 1 × swarm (confusion)
THAC0 20 [–1]
Movement 9’ (3’) / 120’ (40’) flying
Saving Throws D14 W15 P16 B17 S18 (NH)
Morale 6
Alignment Neutral
XP 5
Number Appearing  1d100 (1d100)
Treasure Type None

  • Echolocation: ‎Unaffected by effects that impair, modify, or rely on sight. Blinded by magical silence.
  • Swarm: 10 bats can swarm around a target’s head, causing confusion: –2 to attack rolls and saves; unable to cast spells.
  • Attacks: As normal human.
  • Flighty: Unless magically summoned or controlled, normal bats check morale every round.

Note: entry included as part of Bat.