Crystal Ball

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Allows an arcane spell caster to view any place or object that is brought to mind:

  • Duration: The vision lasts for one turn.
  • Clarity The clarity of the vision is dependant on the scryer’s familiarity with the subject.
  • Usage frequency: A crystal ball may be used at most 3 times a day.
  • Casting spells: It is not possible to cast spells through a crystal ball into the viewed scene.

Crystal Ball With Clairaudience

The scryer can hear, as well as see, the desired scene.

Crystal Ball With ESP

Allows the scryer to spy on the thoughts of creatures viewed in the crystal ball:

  • Reading thoughts: The thoughts of a single creature viewed through the crystal ball may be read.
  • Meaning: The scryer understands the meaning of all thoughts even if he or she does not share the creature’s language.
  • Obstructions: The ability to perceive thoughts is obstructed by a thin layer of lead or by rock of 2’ thick or greater.