Fanatically religious, nomadic people who wander steppes and desert regions, living in tents.

Armour Class 6 [13] or 4 [15]
Hit Dice 1 (4hp)
Attacks 1 × weapon (1d6 or by weapon)
THAC0 19 [0]
Movement 120’ (40’)
Saving Throws D12 W13 P14 B15 S16 (1)
Morale 10
Alignment Lawful
XP 10
Number Appearing 0 (1d6+1 × 10)
Treasure Type A

  • Mounted: On warhorses.
  • Arms: 50% of group have: leather armour, shield, lance; 25% have: leather armour, shield, shortbow, sword; 25% have: chainmail, shield, lance.
  • Camps: Groups commonly combine and live in a camp or tribe of up to 300 dervishes, plus women, children, and animals. 25% chance of a wood or brick enclosure.
  • Camp leaders: Led by 10th level cleric.
  • Intolerant: Of other religious views.
  • Holy war: Occasionally wage war against other religious factions. Will slay people of different faith, or take them prisoner. Prisoners must convert; otherwise killed or used as slaves. Characters of Lawful alignment may be asked to join the holy war. Dervishes are highly suspicious of those who refuse (without good reason).