Elemental Summoning Device


Ritual items enchanted with the power to summon beings from the elemental planes. Each elemental plane has a different type of device:

  • Air: A censer.
  • Earth: A 6” diameter stone.
  • Fire: A brazier.
  • Water: A 3’ diameter bowl.

Usage: The items may be used as follows:

  • Frequency: The summoning power may only be used once per day.
  • Before use: The device must be prepared. This takes one turn.
  • Activation: Once prepared, activating the device takes one round.
  • Summoned elemental: A 12 HD elemental (see Elemental) is conjured to do the summoner’s bidding.
  • Command over the elemental: Works as described in the magic-user spell conjure elemental (see Conjure Elemental).