Gems and Jewellery



The value of each gem in a treasure hoard is determined by the following table:

Gem Values

d20 Gem Value
1–4 10gp
5–9 50gp
10–15 100gp
16–19 500gp
20 1,000gp


Each piece of jewellery indicated by a treasure type is worth 3d6 × 100gp (or more, if the referee wishes, for characters above 3rd level).

Damaged Jewellery

Rough treatment of jewellery (e.g. crushing, intense heat or fire, lightning) can damage it, reducing its value by 50%.

Combining Values

When a treasure type indicates the presence of multiple gems or pieces of jewellery, the referee may combine the values, as desired. For example, a roll of five 50gp value gems may be placed as a single 250gp gem, a 100gp gem and three 50gp gems, or any other combination.