Hirelings are NPCs hired by a character to perform certain services. The types of hirelings available depend on the setting, and are described in the genre rules book.

Hirelings and Adventuring

Hirelings do not accompany characters on adventures. (Characters may hire NPCs to join them on adventures, but these are treated separately. See Retainers.)

Types of Hirelings

Hirelings are divided into two types:

  • Mercenaries: Hired soldiers who will guard, patrol, and otherwise serve in wilderness settings, but only as part of a larger force, not an adventuring party.
  • Specialists: Hired individuals who have a particular trade or who have special knowledge. These individuals are usually hired for a specific task.

Locating Hirelings

Hirelings can be located by posting notices of help wanted. The response will depend on the availability of suitable hirelings in the area and the offer made.