Insect Swarm


Swarms of many tiny insects that may be encountered protecting their nest. May also be drawn to light or unusual smells.

Armour Class 7 [12]
Hit Dice 2 to 4 (9 / 13 / 18hp)
Attacks 1 × swarm (2 or 4hp)
THAC0 18 [+1] / 17 [+2] / 16 [+3]
Movement 30’ (10’) / 60’ (20’) flying
Saving Throws D14 W15 P16 B17 S18 (NH)
Morale 11
Alignment Neutral
XP 20 / 35 / 75
Number Appearing 1 (1d3)
Treasure Type None

  • Type and locomotion: A swarm may be composed of creepers (e.g. spiders, ants, centipedes) or flyers (e.g. bees, hornets). Some swarms are capable of both types of movement (e.g. beetles, locusts).
  • Size: 10’ × 30’ area, typically.
  • Immunity: Only harmed by fire, extreme cold, sleep spells (affect the whole swarm), smoke (drives off), or other attacks as the referee wishes.
  • Swarm attack: Automatically damages characters within swarm area: 2hp if wearing armour, 4hp without.
  • Warding off: Characters inside the swarm who defend themselves by brandishing a weapon (or similar) suffer half damage from the swarm. A brandished torch damages the swarm.
  • Escaping: On exiting the swarm, characters continue to suffer half damage until 3 rounds are spent swatting the attached insects.
  • Diving into water: Suffer damage for one round, then attached insects drown.
  • Pursuit: An angry (i.e. damaged) swarm will pursue characters until they are out of sight or inaccessible.