Magical Research


Many spell casting character classes can also perform research into new spells, magic items, and other magical effects, as noted in the class description. This requires time, monetary outlay, and sometimes rare and unusual ingredients.

Chance of Failure

Success in any magical research is not guaranteed. There is a minimum probability of 15% that any magical research endeavour fails. If the research fails, the money and time invested are lost.

Creating New Spells

The player should describe in detail the spell they wish to create and the effects it has. The referee will then decide if the spell can be created and, if so, what the spell level will be.


The character must be capable of casting spells of the level the new spell will be.

Cost and Time

Researching a new spell takes two weeks per spell level and 1,000gp per spell level.

Creating Magic Items

The player should describe in detail the item that they wish to construct and the effects it has. The referee will decide whether this is possible and, if so, what kinds of materials are required.


Divine spell casters: May only create items that they are able to use themselves.

Arcane spell casters: May create any item except those that may only be used by divine spell casters.


Creating magic items often requires rare components such as expensive gems or ingredients from rare animals or monsters. Often, adventures will be required just to acquire these materials.

Cost and Time

Duplicating spell effects: Many magic items duplicate the effects of a spell, generally costing one week of game time and 500gp per level of the mimicked spell.

Multi-use items: If the item created can replicate a spell effect multiple times (for example a wand with charges), the cost in time and money is multiplied by the number of uses.

Other items: Some magic items do not mimic spell effects precisely and for these the referee will have to use discretion. The more powerful the item, the more difficult it should be to construct. As a general rule, items should cost from 10,000 to 100,000gp and from 1 month to 1 year of game time to complete. Some examples: 20 arrows +1 (10,000gp, 1 month), plate mail +1 (10,000gp, 6 months), crystal ball (30,000gp, 6 months), ring of x-ray vision (100,000gp, 1 year).

Other Magical Research

Characters that are able to research spells or magic items may also attempt to research other kinds of magical effects for which a magic item or spell is not appropriate. For example, a character may wish to sanctify a holy site or create magical traps, constructs, or portals.

As with magic item creation, the referee decides the time and cost of the research. The following may also be required:

  • The casting of certain, specific spells.
  • Rare ingredients.
  • In some cases, it may also be necessary to periodically repeat the ritual to renew the magical effect.