Deadly creatures of a magical nature that look like women with writhing snakes in place of hair.

Armour Class 8 [11]
Hit Dice 4** (18hp)
Attacks 1 × snakebites (1d6 + poison)
THAC0 16 [+3]
Movement 90’ (30’)
Saving Throws D10 W11 P12 B13 S14 (4)
Morale 8
Alignment Chaotic
XP 175
Number Appearing 1d3 (1d4)
Treasure Type F

  • Disguise: Use hooded cloaks to lure victims close before revealing their true form.
  • Petrification: Anyone who looks at an undisguised medusa will be turned to stone (save versus petrify).
  • Averting eyes: –4 penalty to-hit; the medusa gains a +2 bonus to attack.
  • Mirrors: The reflection of a medusa is harmless. If a medusa sees her own reflection, she must save or be petrified.
  • Poison: The snakes’ bites are venomous: save versus poison or die in 1 turn.
  • Magic resistance: +2 bonus to saves versus spells.