Other Combat Issues


Other Combat Issues

Attacking from Behind

AC bonuses from shields are negated.


A blind character is unable to attack.


Flying creatures may pick up rocks or other objects and drop them from above.

Altitude: At most 300’.

Chance to hit: 16 or higher on 1d20.

Affected area and damage: Depend on the size of the bomb—larger creatures can carry larger bombs. For example, a bomb from a flying creature able to carry a human might inflict 2d6 damage to all creatures hit in a 10’ × 10’ area.

Invulnerabilities (Optional Rule)

Some monsters can only be harmed by magical or silver weapons. The referee may allow such monsters to also be harmed by attacks from:

  • Another invulnerable monster.
  • A monster with 5 HD or greater.

Paralysed Opponents

Helpless opponents, such as those magically paralysed or frozen, can be automatically hit in melee. Only a roll for damage is required.


The referee should judge how many attackers can strike at a single opponent, bearing in mind the size of the opponent and the available space around it.

10’ passage: Normally at most 2–3 characters can fight side-by-side in a 10’ wide passageway.

Subduing (Optional Rule)

Characters that wish to subdue an intelligent opponent must announce that they are attacking without the intent to kill.

Blunt blows: Only bludgeoning attacks may be made. Bladed melee weapons may be employed to deal blunt blows with the flat of the blade.

Subdual damage: Combat and damage are calculated normally, but subdual damage is noted separately from actual damage.

Effect at 0hp: An intelligent character or monster reduced to 0 hit points due to subdual damage will surrender, realising that its opponent could have killed it.

Unarmed Attacks

Attack rolls: Unarmed combat is handled the same as melee combat.

Damage: Unarmed attacks inflict 1d2 damage, modified by STR.

Unstable Surfaces

Characters on an unstable surface, such as a ship in rough seas or riding a flying animal, are affected as follows:

  • Missile attacks: Suffer a –4 penalty.
  • Spells: Cannot be cast.
  • Magic items: Can be used normally.

Note that magical means of flight (e.g. a magic broom, carpet, or the fly spell) generally do not count as unstable.


When fighting in or beneath water:

  • Penalties: Attack and damage rolls should be penalised.
  • Missile weapons: Usually do not work at all underwater.