6th Level Magic-User Spell

Duration: Permanent

Range: Appears in the caster’s presence

A dead character is returned to life in a new physical form that manifests in the presence of the caster. The character’s new body is not necessarily the same as the original; it is determined by rolling on the Reincarnated Class table below.

The roll indicates either a character class or a monster:

  • Character class: The character is of experience level 1d6 (or at most the same level as the character achieved before death). The reincarnated character can continue to gain experience and advance as normal, in the new class.
  • Monster: The type should be determined by the referee. The monster should be at least partially intelligent, have no greater Hit Dice than the level of the character being reincarnated (at most 6 HD), and be of the same alignment. The tables below may be used, or the referee may create their own tables. Monsters cannot gain experience or advance in level.
Reincarnated Class
d10 Reincarnation
1 Cleric
2 Dwarf
3 Elf
4 Fighter
5 Halfling
6 Magic-user
7 Thief
8 Monster (roll on alignment table)
9–10 Same class
Lawful Monsters
d6 Reincarnation HD
1 Gnome 1
2 Neanderthal 2
3 Pegasus 2
4 Blink dog 4
5 Unicorn 4
6 Roc, small 6
Neutral Monsters
d6 Reincarnation HD
1 Pixie or sprite 1
2 Lizard man 2
3 Rock baboon 2
4 Ape, white 4
5 Centaur 4
6 Werebear 6
Chaotic Monsters
d10 Reincarnation HD
1 Goblin 1
2 Hobgoblin 1
3 Kobold 1
4 Orc 1
5 Gnoll 2
6 Bugbear 3
7 Wererat 3
8 Ogre 4
9 Werewolf 4
10 Minotaur 6

Alternative Reincarnation Tables

The classes and monsters listed in the tables are drawn from Old-School Essentials Classic Fantasy.

If other classes or monsters are in use, the referee may wish to create alternative reincarnation tables.