Quest (Remove Quest)

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5th Level Cleric Spell

Duration: Until quest is completed / Instant (remove quest)

Range: 30’

The caster commands a single subject to perform a specific quest or task.

  • Examples: Rescuing a prisoner, killing a specific monster, bringing a magic item to the caster, or going on a journey to a holy site.
  • Suicidal quests: The prescribed quest must not be obviously suicidal.
  • Saving throw: The subject may save versus spells, with success indicating that the quest has no effect.
  • Refusal: Otherwise, the subject must undertake the quest or fall under a curse (per the curse spell, with the exact nature of the curse determined by the referee).
  • Completion: Once the task is completed, the spell ends.

Reversed: Remove Quest

Can dispel an active quest spell. If the character who cast the quest spell to be nullified is higher level than the character casting remove quest, there is a chance of the spell having no effect. The probability of failure is 5% per level the caster is below the caster of quest.