Ring of Spell Storing


Stores a number of magical spells that the wearer can release on command.

  • Capacity: The ring contains 1d6 spells. (The spells can be triggered and recharged, but cannot be changed.)
  • Type of magic: There is a 20% chance of divine spells, otherwise they are arcane spells.
  • Knowledge: The wearer of the ring knows which spells it contains.
  • Triggering: The wearer of the ring can trigger the spells at will (up to one spell per round).
  • Caster level: For spells whose effects vary by the level of the caster, the wearer of the ring is treated as a caster of the lowest level required to cast the spell.
  • Recharging: Once a spell is triggered, it may not be reused until it is recharged—the expired spell must be cast directly onto the ring.