Dragon, Sea

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Intelligent, aquatic dragons with green scales, fin-like wings, and a yellowish crest. Dwell in the depths of the ocean, inhabiting caverns or shipwrecks. Sometimes attack vessels to steal their treasure and eat the crew. A subspecies of dragons; A proud, ancient race of gigantic, carnivorous, winged reptiles. Are egg-layers and hoard treasure in their lairs, far from areas of human civilisation.

Armour Class 1 [18]
Hit Dice 8** (36hp)
Attacks 1 × bite (3d8) or breath
THAC0 12 [+7]
Movement 180’ (60’) swimming / 180’ (60’) gliding
Saving Throws D8 W9 P10 B10 S12 (8)
Morale 9
Alignment Neutral
XP 1,750
Number Appearing 0 (1d4)
Treasure Type H

  • Behaviour: May attack or ignore humans.
  • Pride: Immensely proud creatures and will always listen to flattery.
  • Attack pattern: Always attacks first with its breath weapon, then either breathes again or makes melee attacks (equal chance of either).
  • Breath weapon: Poison spittle, 100’ range, 20’ diameter. Save versus breath or die. (Poison is harmless after 1 round.)
  • Energy immunity: Unharmed by their own breath weapon or lesser versions thereof. Automatically save versus similar attack forms.
  • Language and spells: 20%; 3 × 1st level, 3 × 2nd level.
  • Sleeping: 30%. May be attacked for one round with a +2 bonus to hit. May sometimes pretend to be asleep!
  • Subduing: Will surrender if reduced to 0hp by non-lethal attacks.
  • Age: See main Dragon entry.
  • Lairs: A dragon’s treasure is always kept in its well-hidden lair and is seldom unguarded.
  • Gliding: Leap out of the water and glide for up to 6 rounds.

See Dragon for more information.