Spell Books


Arcane spell casters record the spells that they know in a spell book.

Number of spells: A character’s spell book contains exactly the number of spells that the character is capable of memorizing (as determined by the character’s class and level).

Beginning Spells

Arcane spell casters begin play with as many spells in their spell book as they are able to memorize. The referee may choose these spells or may allow the player to select.

Adding Spells

When the number of spells an arcane spell caster can memorize increases (e.g. by gaining an experience level), they can increase the selection of spells in their spell book. In this way, the number of spells in the spell book may be brought in line with the number of spells the character can memorize. This is possible in two ways:

  • Mentoring: The character may consult an arcane guild or mentor to learn new spells. This process takes about a week of game time. The spells a character learns in this way are determined by the referee, who may decide to let the player choose.
  • Research: It is also possible to add spells to a spell book by means of Magical Research.

Lost Spell Books

An arcane spell caster can rewrite the spells in a lost or destroyed spell book:

  • Cost: The cost per spell to be recovered is 1 week of game time and 1,000gp per level of the spell. For instance, rewriting two first level spells and one 2nd level spell will take 4 weeks and 4,000gp.
  • Sole activity: This activity requires complete concentration. The character may not engage in any other activity for the required period.

Captured Spell Books

Each arcane spell caster’s spell books are written so that only the owner is able to read the spells without the use of magic.