Staff of Commanding


Grants the power to control animals, humans, and plants.

Commanding Animals

  • Affects: 1d6 normal animals or 1 giant animal (but not magical or intelligent animals).
  • Resisting: No saving throw is allowed.
  • Visual range: The character can only control animals that they can see.
  • Concentration: Control is broken if the user of the staff moves or attacks.
  • When concentration ends: The referee should make a reaction roll with a -1 penalty (see Encounters) to determine the animals’ behaviour.
  • Usage frequency: This power of the staff may be used up to once per turn.

Commanding Humans

  • Usage: A charm may be placed upon a human within 60’. One target may be charmed per round.
  • Resisting: The subject may save versus spells (with a -2 penalty) to resist.
  • Maximum subjects: Up to 6 Hit Dice of humans may be charmed in this way. Normal humans count as ½ HD.
  • Charmed individuals: Regard the character as a trusted friend, and will come to their defence. They will obey the character’s commands, as long as these are not obviously harmful and do not contradict the subject’s alignment.
  • Duration: The charm lasts indefinitely, but ends if cancelled by the wielder of the staff, or when dispelled.

Commanding Plants

  • Affects: All plants (including plant monsters) in a 10’ square area.
  • Range: The area may be up to 60’ distant.
  • Commands: Affected plants may be commanded to move around as the character wishes.
  • Concentration: The effect lasts as long as the wielder of the staff concentrates.