Staff of Snakes


A magical staff that has the power to transform into a snake, on command.

  • Divine magic: Usable by divine spell casters only.
  • In melee: Treated as a staff with a +1 magic bonus to attacks and damage.
  • On a successful hit: Upon a human-sized (or smaller) creature, the wielder of the staff may speak the command word, causing it to transform into a serpent and coil around the victim.
  • Victims: Must save versus spells or be immobilised in the coils of the snake. Victims are completely helpless while held by the snake (1d4 turns, or released as the wielder of the staff commands).
  • Snake: Has AC 5 [14], HD 3 (20hp), and a movement rate of 60’ (20’).
  • When the victim is released: The snake returns to the owner and transforms back into a staff. (At this point, it is healed of any damage it has suffered.)
  • If the snake is killed: It does not return to its staff form, becoming non-magical.
  • No charges: Does not use charges; may be used any number of times.