Adventuring Gear


Adventuring Gear List

Item Cost (gp)
Backpack 5
Crowbar 10
Garlic 5
Grappling hook 25
Hammer (small) 2
Holy symbol 25
Holy water (vial) 25
Iron spikes (12) 1
Lantern 10
Mirror (hand-sized, steel) 5
Oil (1 flask) 2
Pole (10’ long, wooden) 1
Rations (iron, 7 days) 15
Rations (standard, 7 days) 5
Rope (50’) 1
Sack (small) 1
Sack (large) 2
Stakes (3) and mallet 3
Thieves’ tools 25
Tinder box (flint & steel) 3
Torches (6) 1
Waterskin 1
Wine (2 pints) 1
Wolfsbane (1 bunch) 10


Backpack: Has two straps and can be worn on the back, keeping the hands free. Holds up to 400 coins.

Crowbar: 2–3’ long and made of solid iron. Can be used for forcing doors and other objects open.

Grappling hook: Has 3 or 4 prongs. Can be used for anchoring a rope.

Hammer: Can be used for construction or as a mallet with iron or wooden spikes.

Holy symbol: A divine spell caster is required to own a holy symbol of their deity, often worn as a necklace. Each religion has its own holy symbol.

Holy water: Water that has been blessed by a holy person. It is used in some religious rituals and inflicts damage on undead monsters (see Weapon Combat Stats). Holy water does not retain its power if stored in any other container than the special vials it is blessed in.

Iron spikes: May be used for wedging doors open or shut (see Dungeon Adventuring), as an anchor to attach a rope to, and many other purposes.

Lantern: Can be closed to hide the light. Burns one oil flask every four hours (24 turns). Casts light in a 30’ radius.

Mirror: Useful for looking around corners or for reflecting a gaze attack.

Oil flask: A flask of oil fuels a lantern for four hours (24 turns). In addition to fuelling lanterns, oil can be used as a weapon:

  • Throwing: An oil flask may be lit on fire and thrown (see Weapons And Armour).
  • Pools: Oil that is poured on the ground and lit covers a diameter of 3 feet and burns for 1 turn, inflicting damage on any character or monster moving through the pool.
  • Immunity: Burning oil does not harm monsters that have a natural flame attack.

Pole, 10’: A 2” thick wooden pole useful for poking and prodding suspicious items in a dungeon.

Rations, iron: Dried and preserved food to be carried on long voyages when securing fresh food may be uncertain.

Rations, standard: Fresh, unpreserved food.

Rope: Can hold the weight of approximately three human-sized beings.

Sack, large: Can hold up to 600 coins.

Sack, small: Can hold up to 200 coins.

Stakes and mallet: A wooden mallet and three 18” long stakes. Valuable when confronting vampires.

Thieves’ tools: This kit contains all of the tools needed to pick locks.

Tinder box: Used to light fires, including torches. Using a tinder box takes one round. There is a 2-in-6 chance of success per round.

Torch: A torch burns for 1 hour (6 turns), clearly illuminating a 30’ radius. Torches may also be used in combat (see Weapons And Armour).

Waterskin: This container, made of hide, will hold 2 pints (1 quart) of fluid.

Wolfsbane: This herb can be used to repel lycanthropes. The creature must be hit with the herb in melee combat.

Other Equipment

The items detailed in this section are those most commonly available for purchase. Should PCs wish to purchase items not on these lists, the referee may use the listed items as guidelines for determining the prices and characteristics of new items, including combat statistics (if appropriate).