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All beings, whether PCs, NPCs, or monsters, adhere to one of three philosophies or spheres of behaviour, known as alignments. These spheres are Law, Neutrality, and Chaos. A player must choose one of these paths when creating a character.

Law: Lawful beings believe in truth and justice. To this end, they will follow laws and believe all things must adhere to order. Lawful beings also believe in sacrifice to a greater good and will choose the good of a larger group over the good of an individual.

Neutrality: Neutral beings believe in a balance between the ideas of Law and Chaos and, in their actions, tend to do what will serve themselves. They might commit good or evil acts in order to further their own ends and generally will not put others’ needs ahead of their own.

Chaos: Chaotic beings are in direct opposition to Law. These beings should seldom be trusted, for they tend to act in “evil” ways and are utterly selfish. Chaotic characters believe in chance and that there is no innate order to life.

Revealing Alignment

The player must inform the referee of their character’s alignment, but does not have to tell other players.

Role-Playing Alignment

When determining the character’s actions, players should do their best to adhere to their chosen alignment. The referee will take note when a character’s behaviour deviates too much from the norm of the chosen alignment and may assign a new alignment more appropriate to actual character actions. Deviation from alignment may also be penalised, as the referee sees fit.