Black Pudding

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Huge (5’–30’ across), mindless blobs of amorphous black jelly. Driven by ravenous hunger.

Armour Class 6 [13]
Hit Dice 10* (45hp)
Attacks 1 × touch (3d8)
THAC0 11 [+8]
Movement 60’ (20’)
Saving Throws D10 W11 P12 B13 S14 (5)
Morale 12
Alignment Neutral
XP 1,600
Number Appearing 1 (0)
Treasure Type None

  • Immunity: Only harmed by fire-based attacks.
  • Division: Non-fire attacks (including spells) cause the pudding to divide. Eachhit creates a 2HD pudding that does 1d8damage.
  • Erode wood and metal: Can dissolve wood or metal in one turn.
  • Cling: Can move across walls and ceilings.
  • Seep: Can squeeze through small holesand cracks.