Charm Person

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1st Level Magic-User Spell

Duration: One or more days (see below)

Range: 120’

A single, humanoid creature must save versus spells or be charmed, as follows:

  • Friendship: The subject regards the caster as its trusted friend and ally and will come to the caster’s defence.
  • Commands: If they share a language, the caster may give the charmed creature commands, which it will obey.
  • Subject’s nature: Commands that contradict the charmed creature’s habits or alignment may be ignored.
  • Suicidal commands: An affected creature never obeys suicidal or obviously harmful orders.

Restrictions: Humanoids of greater than 4+1 HD and undead are not affected.

Duration: The charm lasts indefinitely, but the subject is allowed to make further saves versus spells at intervals, depending on its INT score. If one of these saves succeeds, the spell ends.

  • INT 3–8: The creature gains a new save once every month.
  • INT 9–12: The creature gains a new save each week.
  • INT 13–18: The creature gains a new save once every day.