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Requirements: Minimum CON 9

Prime requisite: STR

Hit Dice: 1d8

Maximum level: 12

Armour: Any, including shields

Weapons: Small or normal sized

Languages: Alignment, Common, dwarvish, gnome, goblin, kobold

Dwarves are stout, bearded demihumans, about 4’ tall and weighing about 150 pounds. Dwarves typically live underground, and love fine craftsmanship, gold, hearty food, and strong drink. They have skin, hair, and eye colours in earth tones. Dwarves are known for their stubbornness and practicality. They are a hardy people and have a strong resistance to magic, as reflected in their saving throws.


Due to their short height, dwarves may only use small or normal sized weapons. They cannot use longbows or two-handed swords.

Detect Construction Tricks

As expert miners, dwarves have a 2-in- 6 chance of being able to detect new construction, sliding walls, or sloping passages, when searching.

Detect Room Traps

Due to their expertise with construction, dwarves have a 2-in-6 chance of detecting non-magical room traps, when searching (see Dungeon Adventuring, p108).


Dwarves have infravision to 60’ (see Darkness, p106).

Listening at Doors

Dwarves have a 2-in-6 chance of hearing noises (see Dungeon Adventuring, p108).

After Reaching 9th Level

A dwarf has the option of creating an underground stronghold that will attract dwarves from far and wide. Dwarves usually live in clans, so dwarves of the character’s clan will be attracted to live under their roof. Dwarves from other clans will generally be friendly, and may collaborate in times of war or disaster. A dwarf ruler may only hire dwarven mercenaries. Specialists and retainers of any race may be hired.

Dwarf Level Progression

Saving Throws
Level XP HD THAC0 Death Wands Paralysis Breath Spells
1 0 1d8 19 13 14 14 13 15
12 660,000 9d8+9* 12 [+7] 2 3 4 4 6

* Modifiers from CON no longer apply.