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Ancient dragons—selfish and devious—hoarding mounds of treasure in their hidden lairs. Phantoms and revenant corpses of the long-deceased, risen from their graves, filled with murderous jealousy of all things that still breathe. Hordes of savage beast-men mustering at the borders of the kingdom, their greedy eyes set on cities and palaces of humankind. Formless creatures of ooze and slime, patiently lurking in the depths of the earth, waiting for warm-blooded prey to step within reach of their corrosive grasp. Fearsome giant beasts, remnants of a lost age, or grown beyond the normal limits of their kind. These are the monsters of the classic fantasy genre, ready to challenge player characters of all experience levels!

A Note on Saving Throws

Some monsters in this book save as a member of a specific classic fantasy character class, of a particular level. Their saving throw values are thus drawn from the saving throw table for that class, rather than from the standard monster table. In this case, the equivalent character class and level are listed in parentheses after the saving throw values: C=Cleric, D=Dwarf, E=Elf, F=Fighter, H=Halfling, MU=Magic-User, T=Thief.

Required Books

Core Rules: The basic rules for monsters are found in Old-School Essentials Core Rules. Classic Fantasy: Genre Rules: Occasional references are made to character classes from this book. Some monsters mention having classed NPCs as leaders. The section on encountering NPC strongholds and adventuring parties also refers to classed NPCs. (If Classic Fantasy: Genre Rules is not in use, replace these NPCs with characters of alternative classes.)


The material presented in this book represents a 100% faithful restatement of the monsters and encounter tables from the classic Basic/Expert game.


The following monsters in this book are classified as “persons”, for the sake of magical effects: acolyte, bandit, berserker, brigand, buccaneer, bugbear, dervish, dwarf, elf, gnoll, gnome, goblin, halfling, hobgoblin, kobold, lizard man, medium, merchant, merman, neanderthal, nixie, noble, normal human, ogre, orc, pirate, pixie, sprite, trader, troglodyte, veteran.