Land Vehicles

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Vehicle Cost (gp) Miles per Day Movement Rate Minimum Animals Max Load (Coins) Extra Animals Max Load (Coins)
Cart 100 12 60’ (20’) 1 draft horse or 2 mules 4,000 2 draft horses or 4 mules 8,000
Wagon 200 12 60’ (20’) 2 draft horses or 4 mules 15,000 4 draft horses or 8 mules 25,000

Cart: A two-wheeled vehicle. Carts have an AC of 9 [10] and 1d4 hull points.

Wagon: A four-wheeled, open vehicle. Wagons have an AC of 9 [10] and 2d4 hull points.

Required Animals

These vehicles must be pulled by a minimum number of mules or draft horses. If double the minimum number of animals is employed, additional loads may be carried.

Difficult Terrain

When travelling through difficult terrain (e.g. desert, forest, mountains, swamp), these vehicles can only travel on maintained roads.