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Hired soldiers who will guard, patrol, and otherwise serve in wilderness settings, but only as part of a larger force, not an adventuring party.

Note that as mercenaries are hired by a character to perform specific services, they are not treated as retainers and thus do not count toward a character’s maximum number of retainers.


Outside of wartime: As listed below.

During wartime: All wages are doubled.


The monthly rate of pay includes food and basic gear. Most mercenaries already have weapons and armour when hired, though their employer may give them additional gear. Note that armourers are required to repair mercenaries’ armour and weapons (see Specialists).


Type AC Morale Wage per Month
Human Dwarf Elf Orc Goblin
Archer 6 [13] 8 5gp 10gp 3gp 2gp
Archer, mounted 9 [10] 9 15gp 30gp
Crossbowman 5 [14] 8 4gp 6gp 2gp
Crossbowman, mounted 9 [10] 9 15gp
Footman, light 6 [13] 8 2gp 4gp 1gp 5sp
Footman, heavy 4 [15] 8 3gp 5gp 6gp 15sp
Horseman, light 7 [12] 9 10gp 20gp
Horseman, medium 5 [14] 9 15gp
Horseman, heavy 3 [16] 9 20gp
Longbowman 5 [14] 8 10gp 20gp
Peasant 9 [10] 6 1gp
Wolf rider 7 [12] 9 5gp


Equipped with a shortbow, leather armour, and a shield.

Archer, Mounted

Mounted on a riding horse. Equipped with a shortbow.


Equipped with a crossbow and chainmail.

Crossbowman, Mounted

Mounted on a mule. Equipped with a crossbow.

Footman, Light

Equipped with a sword, leather armour, and a shield.

Footman, Heavy

Equipped with a sword, chainmail, and a shield.

Horseman, Light

Mounted on a riding horse. Equipped with a lance and leather armour.

Horseman, Medium

Mounted on a warhorse. Equipped with a lance and chainmail.

Horseman, Heavy

Mounted on a warhorse. Equipped with a sword, a lance, and plate mail.


Equipped with a longbow, a sword, and chainmail.



Wolf Rider

Mounted on a wolf. Equipped with a spear and leather armour.