Phantasmal Force

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2nd Level Magic-User Spell

Duration: Concentration

Range: 240’

A visual illusion of the caster’s choosing manifests in a 20’ cube area. Three types of illusions may be created:

  1. An illusionary monster: That can be directed to attack. The monster has an Armour Class of 9 [10] and will vanish if hit in combat.
  2. An illusionary attack: For example, an avalanche, a falling ceiling, a magic missile, etc. Targets who save versus spells are unaffected.
  3. A scene: Either changing the appearance of the affected area or creating the appearance of something new. The scene disappears if touched.

Stipulations: The following apply:

  • Concentration: Is required to maintain the illusion. If the caster moves or loses concentration, the spell ends.
  • Illusionary monsters or attacks: May appear to be harmful but never inflict real damage. A character who appears to die actually falls unconscious, a character turned to stone will actually be paralysed, and so on. Such effects last for 1d4 turns.
  • Illusions from imagination: If the illusion is of something the caster has not personally seen, the referee should grant targets a bonus to any applicable saving throws.