Specialist Wage per Month
Alchemist 1,000gp
Animal trainer 500gp
Armourer 100gp
Assistant armourer 15gp
Blacksmith 25gp
Engineer 750gp
Navigator 150gp
Oarsman 2gp
Sage 2,000gp
Sailor 10gp
Ship’s captain 250gp
Spy 500gp (or more)


Recreating potions: Based on a sample or recipe, an alchemist can produce a potion at twice the normal speed and for half the normal cost (see Magical Research).

Researching potions: An alchemist may also research new potions, but this takes twice as long and costs twice as much as normal.

Animal Trainer

Trainers are not required for small numbers of common animals like dogs, horses, or mules, but more exotic animals or larger numbers of normal animals require a specialized trainer.

Speciality: All animal trainers are specialized in a particular kind of animal.

Number of animals: A trainer can have up to six animals under their care at a time.

Time required: The referee decides how long an animal must be trained, based on the nature of the training. It will take a minimum of one month to teach an animal the first new behaviour or trick. After this first month, an animal has become accustomed to the trainer and can be taught additional behaviours at twice the rate (two weeks per behaviour).

Interruptions: If training is interrupted, all time already spent on that particular behaviour is lost and the animal becomes unable to learn further behaviours.


Producing weapons and armour: Per month, an armourer can make five weapons, three shields, or one suit of armour.

Maintaining mercenaries’ gear: A dedicated armourer is required per 50 troops.

Assistants: An armourer’s output (either in terms of arms produced or troops maintained) may be doubled by hiring two assistant armourers and one blacksmith. If four assistants and two blacksmiths are hired, the armourer’s output may be quadrupled. An armourer cannot coordinate more assistants than this.

Assistant Armourer

Apprentices who may work under an armourer to increase the rate of production. See Armourer.


Craftsmen trained in the art of forging metal. Blacksmiths may be hired to work under an armourer to increase the rate of production. See Armourer.


Engineers plan and oversee large construction projects such as building strongholds (see Construction).

Number required: One engineer is needed per 100,000gp cost of the project.

Specialty: Humans usually handle overground structures, while dwarves may be hired for underground construction.


A navigator is a sailor who understands how to read charts and navigate based on instruments and the position of the stars. Any time a ship ventures beyond sight of a coastline, it becomes lost if a navigator is not aboard. (See Waterborne Adventuring.)


Unskilled normal humans who man the oars of sea vessels. Not trained for combat.


Sages are very rare individuals who devote their lives to the study of obscure knowledge. A sage may be consulted to answer unusual questions.

Time and cost: The referee must judge the time and cost required to research the answer to a question.

Chance of success: There is never a 100% chance of success in finding an answer.


Skilled normal humans who can handle a ship. Sailors can fight to defend their ship, typically being equipped with a sword, shield, and leather armour.

Ship’s Captain

A captain is required for any large ship, is skilled like a sailor, and has an intimate knowledge of the particular coasts they frequent.


A spy is hired to gather information about a person or group. The spy may be an outsider who tries to infiltrate or may be a traitor already connected with the person or group to be spied upon.

Class: Spies are often NPC thieves, but may be of any character class.

Time: The referee will determine the time required for the job.

Chance of success: The referee judges the probability of success in the mission, based on the circumstances.

Reliability: Spies may or may not be reliable and could stab the hiring character in the back (perhaps literally!).