Giant (18’ tall) humanoids that look like trees. Dwell in forests. Are concerned only with protecting the plants of their home. Speak their own long-winded and circuitous language.

Armour Class 2 [17]
Hit Dice 8 (36hp)
Attacks 2 × fist (2d6)
THAC0 12 [+7]
Movement 60’ (20’)
Saving Throws D8 W9 P10 B10 S12 (8)
Morale 9
Alignment Lawful
XP 650
Number Appearing 0 (1d8)
Treasure Type C

  • Distrust fire: And those who wield it.
  • Surprise: On a 1–3, in a forest, due to being mistaken for a tree. Encounter occurs at 30 yards or less.
  • Animate trees: Each individual can animate 2 trees (within 60’; may switch trees at will). These fight as treants with movement rate 30’ (10’).